Are you sure

you are seen by your

target audience?

If not, we can make a difference with our white hat SEO services.


Be first for your keywords in "Search Race" with our proven SEO solutions

We do everything we can to build you a strong presence on the web. >From start to finish - we'll take your ideas and goals, and turn them into a finished product. With a focus on strong marketing, intuitive functionality, and clean designs, you are sure to see your vision come to life. We also do identity and print design, but plain and simple -

We get you on the web.

Be first for your keywords in
"Search Race" with our proven
SEO solutions

Are you sure you are seen by your target audience? If not, we can make a difference with our white hat SEO services. At SEOStar, we help client sites rank high in search engines with our proven SEO solutions. You could get the visibility you deserve with our SEO winning strategies. Why let your competitor hog the limelight?

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Consult our top notch professionals to have them tailor SEM strategies just right for your business

SEO Star also markets your site online through its strategies of Search Engine Marketing. As a result, your business presence spreads into the sprawl of the worldwide web and your business shall succeed to prevail in the spotlight in the long run. Search Engine Marketing or SEM can work wonders in enhancing the marketing strategies of your business. SEO Star ensures you a bullseye act of reaching your potential customers through a combination of paid tactics which make you more visible throughout the web including search engines. SEO Star's team of proficient professionals with domain expertise and in-depth experience chauffeur custom made SEM strategies that channelize all top advertising networks for giving your business a unique marketing punch.

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Witness outstanding response for your business through Social Media presence with our SMO solutions

SMO services are premeditated to help our patron companies to create a brand and to promote their products and services through online social networks. SEO Star's group of dexterous strategists also provide apt SMO strategies or Social Media Optimization strategies to fabricate superfluous traffic in order to amplify the potential of your endeavor in its potential group and target market. Through our SMO services and SMO services SEO Star aids in enhancing link popularity and gaining non-reciprocal links to provide SEO and online marketing promotions for the website. Through our SMO services we intend to help your business to capture a newer online height and garner remarkable profits.

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How we do it
Well it's not easy, but we sure do make it simple for you.
The ultimatum of your online presence is to connect you with your past, present and future clients, while turning leads into sales. Our knowledge of various measurement tools combined with our expertise in SEO, user experience and digital marketing enables us to offer superior services to help your business prevail in the race. We create and optimize your web presence, engineering it to sync with the nature of your business, and allowing you to connect with customers faster, cheaper, and smarter than ever before.
We'll show you what website traffic you have been missing. A good understanding of the science of search is what makes us stand apart.

We get you on the web in 5 easy steps.

Keyword research is the most important first step that should not be taken too lightly. While you can easily test and change hundreds of keywords in paid search campaigns, so is this not possible for organic search optimization.
You can't determine success or failure of any of your internet marketing activities if you do not track and measure their effectiveness. It is up to you to decide if you want a hosted web analytics solution or run software on your own servers.
A website is never done. It has to change and grow over time. This is a natural process to adjust to changes in the market, with maturing in this type of medium and your normal business growth.
No matter what you do, everything will come down to one critical factor at the very end. What is your bottom line? Did you make profit or did you lose money. While losing money in the short term for strategic reasons is okay
Check where you are today to be able to compare it with data in the future. Look for trends and evaluate the success of your goals, which you should have specified before you engaged in any type of marketing campaign.
Our Works

We're proud of our work, and, well, we want to show it off.

Client Name: Darcoid
Industry : Automotive
Campaign : Search Engine Optimization

Description: Darcoid Nor-Cal Seal is a privately owned company located in Oakland, California near Jack London Square. The Company is a combination of two west coast based leaders in the rubber and seal industry, both that have served our clients over sixty years. Darcoid Rubber Company founded in 1947 is a fabricator of die cut gaskets and spliced orings and a major seal kitting house.
Client Name: Host Department
Industry : Unlimited Web Hosting Solutions
Campaign : Search Engine Optimization

Description: Through a series of strategic business moves, Host Department became the Tier 1 host the company is known as today. Host Department thrives in an industry that is constantly reinventing itself. With innovations in customer service, ease of use, and special features for Host Department customers, the company continues to stay one step ahead of the competition.
Client Name: Magic Publisher
Industry : video hosting streaming software
Campaign : Search Engine Optimization

Description: Magic-Publisher - Best video hosting streaming & Premier Award Winning video hosting and delivery service provider. Only pay for what you use. It is the best video on demand platform. They provide industry-leading video hosting streaming software that lets our clients easily manage and deliver media/video content to a wide range of devices and formats.
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